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TPharm’s Evolution

As your Executive Officer, it is my privilege to “be handed the torch” from ASPET’s storied and accomplished past and carry it into the next phase for our Society. It is truly inspiring to think about the many revered programs, products and services that ASPET has been carrying on for decades to benefit the pharmacology community. Among them, we’re excited for this January 2024 issue to serve as the latest evolution of The Pharmacologist.

Also known as “TPharm,” The Pharmacologist has served as one of ASPET’s primary methods of communicating with our members since its launch in 1959. In the first issue in spring of 1959, the authors admitted that “it has not been easy to get this venture off the ground,” noting the response to its proposal was “less than enthusiastic.” Nonetheless, The Pharmacologist was launched “to give helpful non-technical information to people who are interested in pharmacology and toxicology” and address the “growing needs for better communication between scientists as their numbers increase.” For context, ASPET had about 800 members in 1959 compared to more than 4,000 today. Originally, TPharm was printed and sent to all members twice a year in the spring and fall. The fall issue’s focus was “chiefly the abstracts for the fall scientific sessions of the Society.”

After proving its usefulness to the ASPET membership, The Pharmacologist moved to a printed, quarterly magazine to provide more timely information about ASPET and its members. In 2003, ASPET started a PDF version of the magazine versus a print version, while maintaining a print option for those willing to pay an extra fee. Since then, as you might expect, the number of members who opted for the print version has declined from thousands to approximately 100 print subscribers in 2023. As a result, the ASPET Council voted in May 2023 to make the full transition of The Pharmacologist to a digital-only magazine starting in 2024, which brings us to this issue.

This monthly, digital-only version of TPharm, designed for our members and the broader pharmacology community, will provide timelier, human-interest stories about pharmacology. Based on readership feedback, we’re planning new features but we’ll also continue some of the traditional features of The Pharmacologist that our members value. For example, we’re elated that Dr. Rebecca Anderson, who has been writing in-depth featured articles that tell the fascinating stories behind pharmacology discoveries and the people who make them happen since 2013, will continue to provide science stories that take us on an adventure in pharmacology.

As The Pharmacologist begins its latest iteration in 2024, we hope you’ll find TPharm both meets ever-changing communication preferences in this digital age, while also continuing to meet the original goal The Pharmacologist established more than 60 years ago to benefit the pharmacology community.

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Dave Jackson, MBA, CAE
Executive Officer, ASPET